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 Living is truly an art. Many of us call life the rush of taking breaths and tending to daily demands. Until my thirties, I also thought this way and tried to construct my reality. But when something started bothering me and made me question whether life could be more than just a superficial and routine process, I faced two choices: to continue living as I had until then or to delve deeper and understand what life truly is. I chose the challenging path and decided to embark on a journey of awareness. I say it is challenging because going through everything you have built so far, reconstructing if necessary, and adapting relationships to these newfound awarenesses is by no means easy. But I know that every soul has a compass that determines where it will go, and the needle of my compass was pointing towards awareness.
I have written these articles to sincerely share with you what I have realized during this journey. The fruits of years-long effort are filling these pages.
When I look at my ordinary life through my kaleidoscope, I see the written reflections of the vibrant and magnificent divine design within me. I believe you will enjoy reading them.
As I always say, stay with love.